Even the largest global corporations were once a startup. Companies like Amazon, Apple, Nike, and Google were once risky business ventures helmed by a few passionate people with a dream. It’s for that reason that we at PhD Labs love startups. We were also once a startup, and over a 20+ year path working with over a thousand clients, we have developed deep expertise in what makes startup companies succeed. Simply put, startups – and the inherent trials and tribulations that go along with them–are a part of our DNA.

Our work with any startup begins at the seed of an idea. It is at this early phase, when a business is fueled by passion, that we can provide the most guidance. Great things can happen when two forces combine. Your vision, intertwining with our expertise and shared passion, creates a powerful platform for developed amazing products. We awake every day excited to help grow great ideas from seed to success.

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Anyone who has worked for (or founded!) a startup knows how difficult and unwieldy the process can be. We are here to take the pain and risk out of the technology creation process. Studies have shown that startups working with development companies like us are up and running 4 times faster than if ran solo. The cost of our services more than pays for itself in the shorter road to a profitable model. Plus, our unique skill sets allow us to guide your business growth in a handful of other beneficial ways.

If you know about the financial cost of launching a successful startup then you know it is often not cheap. However, we offer agile startup contracts with a graduated payment structure that allows for scaled payments that increase along with your funding. Your success is our number one priority and we don’t want any worry about development fees getting in the way.

Also offered during the crucial early stages of development is our App Camp program. This is where we get a chance to dig deep into the minutiae of a project and not only map out its path to success, but get to know the people behind it: you!

When a startup joins the PhD Labs family, they are granted access to the full ecosystem of support teams that include connections to marketing teams, financial hosting services, and venture capital firms. We have built numerous relationships with amazing people in this industry and are passionate about sharing their expertise with our clients.

We know that most projects eventually outgrow our services and we put our expertise to work helping you staff your own development department. Our top priority is to help startups create an infrastructure for success.

We have entrepreneurial experience on how to make startups successful. We're looking forward to starting that journey with you!

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